The Empire State College – Yip Harburg Foundation Partnership in Musical Theatre


NEW YORK, June 10, 2014 – Applications are being accepted for the Empire State College (ESC) – Yip Harburg Foundation’s (YHF) unique undergraduate degree in Musical Theatre studies, a resource partnership for musical theatre training at Empire State College Metropolitan Center.  The degree unites theatre professionals as mentors with students wishing to design their own degrees.

The partnership offers students a unique B.A. in the Arts that reflects their interest in Musical Theatre. ESC degrees are designed for students who need maximum flexibility, including older students returning to college after a hiatus or who are studying part time around work or family commitments.  The degree allows students to “do it their own way” without time constraints.  Its strengths include affordability, the opportunity to study with a wide variety of peers, mentorship of one-on-one advisers and the proximity New York City’s vast cultural resources. This enhances the curriculum, since the City becomes a “rich classroom,” providing an array of experiences and activities, which can be utilized for credit as students work toward their degrees. Students profit from the college’s flexible approach to learning and the opportunity to earn college credit through work and life experience.

Here is a description of the YHF Acting Songs Workshops and the Body Orchestra Workshops


The Yip Harburg Foundation has donated $4,000 for scholarships to the program for 2013-2014 and has pledged $4,000 for next year.  Applicants may be present or aspiring performers, directors/choreographers and designers from virtually any part of the musical theatre business.

This program is an affirmation of the Yip Harburg values and was developed in collaboration with Cynthia Ward, Dean of ESC’s Metropolitan Center and Deena R Harburg, Executive Vice – President of the Yip Harburg Foundation.

The benefits of Musical Theatre studies are not limited to the trade.  It can build self-esteem, confidence, collaborative and communicative skills throughout moral building that is useful in public speaking, almost any line of work and life.