Myths in Musical Theatre

Tuesday Evenings 6-8pm
Place: TBA

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Images of Orpheus and Eurydice through the ages

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Lucy Winner
Deena R. Harburg

This unique workshop will focus on how myths come to life in many kinds of musical theatre, from antiquity to the present (including religious chants and rituals, Greek chorus, opera, operetta, experimental theatre, musical drama, ballet, and modern dance). Many contemporary innovators (among them, director Lee Breuer, choreographer Mark Morris, composer Michael John La Chiusa, director Richard Schechner, and creators from La Mama E.T.C., New York Theatre Workshop, American Ballet Theater, and the Isadora Duncan Archive) have staged original musical-theatre productions based on myths. These innovators and their collaborators have been invited to lead our weekly two-hour performance workshops. Our guests will teach us excerpts of their own works, and we will then create our own musical theatre, improvisations, and dance performances, enlivened by students’ own experiences and imaginations. Throughout the workshop, we will shed new light on students’ own identities and deepen their understanding of the origins, as well as the contemporary meanings, of the stories and ideas that unite us.

This workshop is offered by Empire State College and the Yip Harburg Foundation (Artistic Director, Deena R. Harburg). It is led by Teaching Artist Elizabeth Ruf Maldonando, PhD.