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We prefer to fund new projects, as follows: (a) action-oriented projects with small operating budgets which, due to the controversial, risky or innovative nature of their work, have little access to traditional funding; (b) mass media and theatre projects which educate and inform about serious issues; (c) projects extending over a specific time period, with a focused, concrete goal and clear social impact.

The Foundation generally grants $500 to $3,000, and occasionally up to $5,000. We request proof of applicant’s tax-exempt status or fiscal sponsor. We require that you follow our application guidelines to request funds. We require that “The Yip Harburg Foundation” be credited for its contributions to a project and when applicable be supplied with a final product thereof (such as a video/sound recording or copy of printed publication).

We do not fund (a) libraries, buildings or endowments; (b) the areas of health (mental or physical), environment or aging; (c) travel expenses or conferences; (d) individual scholarships or stipends; (e) projects focused outside the U.S.



Brief proposals are preferred (email preferred; for hard copies, the entire proposal should be no more than 10 pages). We also suggest that potential applicants first submit a brief email of inquiry with “funding inquiry” in the subject field so we don’t mistake the email for junk or spam.

Response time is usually from 2 to 4 weeks.

Please submit the following information:

  1. Date
  2. Project Title
  3. Purpose (general problems and goals, specific aims and objectives for which funds are to be used) *
  4. Amount requested
  5. Time period for use of funds requested
  6. 501 (c) (3) Organization to receive funds (name, address, liaison, phone/fax/email). If applicant is different from sponsoring organization/payee, please indicate where and to whom checks should be mailed.
  7. Description of prior work or projects pertinent to this request *
  8. Project director (background and organizational affiliation) *
  9. Budget (itemize major and minor categories) *
  10. Applicant’s other funding to date (funds committed, funds applied for) *
  11. If applicant is an organization, please include letter authorizing IRS non-profit status or proof of sponsorship by an organization with 501c3 non-profit status that will receive funds for the project.

* 500 words maximum, if possible

The Yip Harburg Foundation
Administrative Office
636 Broadway, Room 1207
New York, NY 10012

212-343-9453 (fax) – junk faxes not accepted


The Yip Harburg Foundation