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Devil Sea

Devil Sea (1931). Paramount-Astoria Studios short subject starring Ethel Merman, who sings two early Harburg songs: "Old Devil Sea" (music by Vernon Duke) and "Glory, Glory" (music by Johnny Green). Not commercially available.

Stolen Heaven

Stolen Heaven (1931), a dramatic film from Paramount-Astoria Studios, includes the Harburg-Gorney song "You Gotta Live Today," sung by Nancy Carroll and ensemble.

Take a Chance

Take a Chance (Paramount, 1933) introduced the Harburg-Arlen classic "It's Only a Paper Moon" to a national audience (it had been sung previously in a short-lived 1932 Broadway play). Here it is performed by Buddy Rogers, June Knight and a large ensemble, starting as a simple duet but building to an operatic extravaganza. The song was … Continue Reading ››

Broadway Gondolier

Broadway Gondolier (Warner Bros., 1935). Yip contributed no lyrics to this feature film. He did, however, co-write the story with Sig Herzig, who with Fred Saidy would co-write the book for the Harburg-Arlen Broadway musical Bloomer Girl in 1944. Not commercially available.