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Radio Riot

Radio Riot (1930). To this cartoon Yip contributed "The Bed Time Story," which occurs at about one minute before the end. It is a satire of spooky Brothers Grimm fairy tales, spoken by an animated radio to a group of terrified mice. Not commercially available, but viewable on You Tube.

Roadhouse Nights

Roadhouse Nights (1930). Helen Morgan sings the Harburg-Gorney composition "It Can't Go on Like This." Jimmy Durante and ensemble also sing a couple of non-Harburg songs.

A Million Me’s

A Million Me's (1930). The Yip Harburg-Jay Gorney song "What Wouldn't I Do for That Man?" got a lot of mileage. Lee Morse opens and closes this Paramount short with fragments of the song and sings it all the way through starting at around 6min 35sec. Not commercially available, but viewable on You Tube.

The Sap from Syracuse

The Sap from Syracuse (1930). Jack Oakie and Ginger Rogers sing "How I Wish I Could Sing a Love Song" (music by Johnny Green), the sole song in this light comedy. Some sources list two other Harburg songs ("Aw, What's the Use?" with Johnny Green and "Capitalize That Thing Called 'It'" with Green and Vernon Duke) … Continue Reading ››

Queen High

Queen High (1930). Two Harburg lyrics were interpolated into this adaptation of a stage play: "I Love a Girl in My Own Peculiar Way" (composer, Henry Souvaine; performed by Charles Ruggles) and "Brother, Just Laugh It Off" (composers, Arthur Schwartz, Ralph Rainger; performed at various points by Ginger Rogers and others; the music also serves as … Continue Reading ››

Song Service

Song Service (1930). At about five minutes into this Paramount short subject, Lee Morse sings the very rare "Just Another Dream Gone Wrong" by Yip and Peter DeRose. It is not commercially available, but viewable on You Tube.

Song Shopping

Song Shopping (probably shot in either late 1930 or early 1931; released 1933). A Fleischer Brothers short subject combining animation with live action, the latter consisting of Ethel Merman warbling the Yip Harburg-Johnny Green hit "I'm Yours" as well as Coslow-Harling's "Sing You Sinners." She is accompanied by Green himself on piano. This rarity is not … Continue Reading ››

Office Blues

Office Blues (1930). One of seven Paramount musical shorts in Kino Video's DVD collection The Best of Big Bands and Swing. Contains "Can't Get Along," an early Yip Harburg-Johnny Green composition, sung by Ginger Rogers.

The 20th Amendment

The 20th Amendment (1930). A forgotten Paramount-Astoria short subject starring Jack Haley (several years before he played the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz) as a man who benefits from the passage of an amendment allowing polygamy. His favorite female is Evelyn Hoey, with whom he sings the Gorney-Harburg song "You're the Cure for What Ails … Continue Reading ››